Cordillera blanca

Cordillera blanca

Every year the Cordillera Blanca is the chosen destination for thousands of mountaineers and trekking lovers as it is considered one of the best destinations for practicing this sport. The most famous trekking is that of Santa Cruz, a path that winds through 12 peaks and reaches an altitude of 4700 m. This 4-day excursion allows you to discover the most beautiful mountains in the world and enchanting landscapes.

Huaraz - Llamacorral

Day 1

The trek starts from Huaraz (3052 m above sea level), continues to Caraz and crosses the village of Cashapampa (2900 m). Here the baggage will be loaded on the mules before continuing towards the Santa Cruz valley, along the river. The first day walk ends in Llamacorral (3750 m), where you will spend the night.
Duration of the route: 4-5 hours


Day 2

After breakfast, we start our walk along the river admiring the majesty of Mount Santa Cruz with its 6259 m height. We then pass near the Chiccocha, Jatuncocha and Arhuaycocha lakes to the Alpamayo camp, one of the most spectacular mountains in the world. From the camp you can contemplate the Taulliraju, Paria, Artesonraju and Rinrijirca mountains.
Duration of the route: 6-7 hours

Punta Union Pass - Paria

Day 3

After breakfast you will reach the Punta Union Pass (4750 m asl), the highest point. Then we descend along another side of the Cordillera, seeing two other small lakes (Collcacocha and Tzakicocha) up to Paria. Upon your arrival, a cook will prepare a tasty Andean hot chocolate.
Duration of the route: 6-7 hours

Vaquería - Portachuelo

Day 4

After breakfast the last day of trekking will start towards the Huaripampa Valley through the city of Vaqueria, a typical Andean town. Here you collect your luggage and return to Huaraz, with the possibility of stopping in Portachuelo for the last photographic shots of the landscape.
Duration of the route: 4-5 hours

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