Choquequirao, the "Golden Cradle" of the Incas, is an archaeological site located in the rainforest, at more than 3100 m altitude. This trek represents a unique combination of nature and archeology. During these 4 days of walking there are dream landscapes not yet beaten by mass tourism.

Apurímac Canyon

Day 1

The first day starts early in the morning from Cusco to Corahuari, where breakfast will be served on arrival. The journey is above 3600 m altitude with a duration of about 3 hours. It then continues to Copulioc, from where the trek begins. After 2 or 3 hours arrival in Chiquisca for lunch. Then continue with a 2-hour descent before starting a 3-hour ascent (the most difficult part) to reach the Santa Rosa camp. Overnight in tent.
The first day includes 6 hours to 8 hours of walking (depending on the physical fitness of each and the speed of the step).


Day 2

After breakfast we will face the most demanding part of the trekking with a duration of about 2-3 hours up to Marampata. From here another hour to reach the wonderful archaeological site of Choquequirao. After lunch, the afternoon will be free to visit the ruins. In the evening, return to the camp located nearby for a second overnight stay in a tent.

Playa Rosalina - Chiquisqa

Day 3

The third day of trekking begins with the return journey to Playa Rosalina, passing through Marampata and then descending to Santa Rosa where you have lunch. While waiting for the temperature to drop, we rest before returning to the climb to Chiquisqa, for the last overnight stay at the camp.

Capuliyoc - Cusco

Day 4

Breakfast at dawn and we begin to walk the uphill path towards Capuliyoc (about 3 hours). Along the way you can admire local flora and fauna and the breathtaking views of the Apurímac Canyon. From Capuliyoc, transfer to Cusco with a stop in Curahuasi for lunch (not included in the price). Arrival in Cusco in the late afternoon and end of our service.
Altitude in Cusco: 3399 m above sea level

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