About Us

Our Team

Peru Quality Tours is a local operator specialized in individual and group personalized trips. We are a team of professionals looking for partners inspired by a work ethic and traveler service. We develop new travel experiences combined with the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes us. The growth of the business and the desire to undertake new projects have pushed us over the years to expand to new markets beyond Peru: Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Aruba. Through continuous innovation, we have achieved quality and competence that are reflected in constant growth in terms of reputation.

Our Values

Traveler service

Customer service is the essence of our Tour Operator.



Our integrity pushes us to operate with transparency, offering the maximum reliability of our collaborators who work with us.



We work with absolute respect for our partners, with attention and care for their needs.



We continually strive to create innovative travel experiences and itineraries.



Flexible and entrepreneurial team, always ready to find solutions and seek new challenges.


Social responsability

We value the work of our local partners and are sensitive to the conditions of rural and indigenous communities.

Sustainable tourism

We seek to promote destinations off the tourist beaten track to contributes to the development of sustainable and responsible tourism. We offer different experiences that can put passengers in touch with the local reality (Ethnic Tourism section). We actively contribute to the development of rural communities, so that local traditions and customs are preserved.

Authentic travel experiences in contact with local people