Peruvian Gastronomy


Lomo saltado, causa limeña, ceviche, cuy, adobo, rocoto relleno, arroz chaufa, ají de gallina, papa a la huancaína, pollo a la brasa, chicharrón, ocopa and carapulcra are just some of the flag dishes of Peru. Peruvian cuisine is expressed in infinite gastronomic varieties not only thanks to the numerous microclimates present, but also to the cultural influence transmitted by the different civilizations that have lived in these lands. In Peruvian gastronomy the concept of 'fusion' dominates, a combination of flavors that are derived mainly from indigenous, Italian, African, Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

Best Culinary Destination Award

In 2019, Peru won the title of 'Best Culinary Destination' at the World Travel Awards for the eighth time. The important role played by the famous chef Gastón Acurio is not secondary, since it has helped to publicize the infinity of colors, unique ingredients and aromas that distinguish Peruvian cuisine internationally. For lovers of good cuisine, Peru is undoubtedly a true culinary paradise. On the coast, in the Andes or in the Amazon, you can savor exquisite dishes that offer extraordinary gastronomic experiences.


The national drink is pisco, a grape distillate, of which there are several types. You can drink it pure to fully appreciate its aroma or try it in the most famous drinks: Pisco sour and chilcano. Another traditional drink is chicha, a drink prepared based on purple corn, it exists in two variants: alcohol-free (chicha morada) and alcoholic (chicha de jora), the Inca Kola characterized by a peculiar fluorescent yellow color and finally there is coca tea (mate de coca), an excellent natural remedy to counteract the effects of altitude.

Pleasures of the palate

From street food to gourmet food, from alcoholic beverages to soft drinks, Peru is a country dedicated to celebrating the pleasures of the palate.

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