Inca Trail 4 days

Inca Trail 4 days

The Inca Trail is one of the most famous trekking in the world. It begins in the Sacred Valley and ends in the Lost City of the Incas in the middle of the rainforest. You have the opportunity to do the 2-day or 4-day Inca Trail, in both cases you can enjoy breathtaking views and you have the perception of being inside a world that has now disappeared.
Daily entrances to the Inca Trail are limited and therefore we recommend booking your tour well in advance.

Cusco - km 82 - Wayllabamba

Day 1

Transfer from Cusco to kilometer 82 from where the trek will begin. The 4-day Inca Trail begins through an arid forest until it reaches the archaeological site of Llactapata. After lunch, continue for another 4 km to get to Wayllabamba camp. Overnight in tent.
Route: 11 km
Altitude: between 2700 m and 3100 m

Wayllabamba - Pacaymayo

Day 2

The second day of the 4-day Inca Trail is the most challenging part of the trek as it reaches the highest point, the Dead Woman pass at 4220 m above sea level. Afterwards, it goes down to the Pacaymayo camp. Overnight in tent.
Route: 11 km
Altitude: between 3100 m and 4220 m

Pacaymayo - Phuyupatamarka

Day 3

After breakfast, climb up to 3950 m to cross the pass, with a visit to the archaeological complex of Runkurakay and the Inca citadel of Sayacmarca. Then continue in the direction of Phuyupatamarka and then towards Wiñay Huayna. Dinner and overnight at the camp.
Route: 16 km
Altitude: between 2670 m and 3950 m

Machu Picchu

Day 4

Departure at dawn to get to the Puerta del Sol and take advantage of the first lights that illuminate Machu Picchu. Private visit of the majestic Lost City of the Incas which fascinates travelers from all over the world. In addition to the classic circuit, you can take walks to Huayna Picchu, Machu Picchu Mountain, the famous Sun Gate or the Inca bridge. Afterwards you can reach Machu Picchu Pueblo on foot or by shuttle bus, where you get on the train to Ollantaytambo or Poroy. Transfer to Cusco.
Altitude in Cusco: 3399 m above sea level

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