Peru Information


To visit Peru the best season is definitely the winter one, which runs from May to October. In this time the oceanic coast offers a mild climate while the Southern Andes region reserves days with clear skies with never excessive temperatures and nights that touch 0 degrees (July / August). The clothing recommended for this period is the so-called "layered" with surely more thoughtful clothes for the hours after sunset. The summer season runs from November to April: on the coast the days are warmer while in the southern region of Peru temperatures are temperate without temperature difference between day and night. The days are more humid and often rainy.


No visa is required to enter Peru (except for some Asian / African countries). The passport must be valid for 6 months after the return date. Arriving in Peru you will be issued a 30-day permit (90 on request). For Italian citizens it is advisable to check for any changes on the Farnesina website:


The altitude of some areas of Peru can create some ailments such as nausea, headache, vomiting or malaise. A good organization of the trip, preceding for example a few nights in Arequipa (2355 m) before climbing to altitudes above 2500 m, could solve the problem. Peruvians often use and offer tourists natural remedies such as coca chewing leaves or the famous "mate de coca" drink. If all this is not enough, you can use some medicines containing acetozolomide (Diamox) but it is preferable to consult your doctor before departure to check if the drug is suitable for your physical condition.

Hygienic sanitary standards

To visit Peru no vaccination is required, but it is advisable to contact your doctor to evaluate the vaccinations recommended by us:
- Tetanus
- Typhus
- Polio
- Hepatitis A (hepatitis B)
In the Amazon area, the use of drugs against malaria is recommended and vaccination for yellow fever is mandatory.
We recommend taking some basic necessities with you, including insect repellents and antihistamines.
The restaurants offered for our tours are of excellent quality. In your free moments it is always better to choose restaurants where hygiene rules are respected and to eat cooked dishes and peeled fruit. We also recommend drinking only bottled water.


The currency in use in Peru is the Nuevo Sol (PEN) and the exchange rate at the moment is around PEN S/ 3.30 = USD $ 1.00. It is possible to exchange Euros or Dollars at the hotel or at bank branches. It is advisable to bring the right amount of banknotes needed with you and in case of dollars, clean and unmarked full banknotes. The credit card is accepted everywhere but a payment commission may be applied. It is preferable to withdraw cash in local currency.

Time zone

The time zone with respect to Italy is less than 6 hours when winter time is in force, it becomes less 7 hours when daylight saving time comes into force.

Electric energy

The electrical voltage in Peru is 220V and 60Hz AC, the plugs are type A with two flat blades and European type C with two poles also used in Europe.


To reach Peru from Europe, you can fly with LATAM, the main South American airline, or the best airlines such as Air France, KLM or Iberia that operate almost every day. Air Europa, via Madrid, often offers excellent fares and allows you to reach Lima from all major European cities.
It is also possible to reach Peru via North America by flying with American companies.
For internal connections, you can choose between the main Peruvian companies LATAM or SKY.

Internal transfers

The internal transfers of our tours are organized, according to the request, with internal flights using the main companies, private vehicles or buses that can be scheduled or tourist and which offer different services depending on the distance to travel.
The tourist buses in fact also offer a VIP service, or a private bus with reclining seats from 160 ° up to 180 ° for longer journeys (Lima- Arequipa) thus allowing the travel of long distances at evening / night times that allow you to optimize your time.

Hotel accommodations

Our tours, depending on the level of accommodation, are standard, comfort, superior and deluxe.
All the structures have been carefully chosen after having visited and inspected them in person to guarantee a high level service. All tours can be customized by choosing the structures to be included in each city according to the customer's request. For the most important customers or those who want to have unique experiences, it is possible to provide hotels and services of the highest level offered by chains such as Belmond, Libertador, Sonesta and Casa Andina.

Language and religion

In Peru the main language is Spanish spoken by 84% of the population. A small part of the population (around 13%) still uses the Quechua language, which was the official language of the Inca empire while the remaining 3% still use different indigenous dialects.
Religion is deeply felt and over 80% of the population declares itself Catholic. It is precisely in Peru that the Catholic event is celebrated with the largest participation in the world: devotion to the Lord of Miracles who has received full consent from the last Popes.

Authentic travel experiences in contact with local people